The Vibration of Healing Sound is Transformative
Practitioner Amanda Ling shares about Singing Bowls Therapy. An insight into what, how and why.

Did you know that singing bowl therapy helps eliminate stress, anger, fatigue, ache and depression? It is one of the most successful therapies that you can turn to if you wish to get rid of diseases, stay healthy and fit.

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Let’s get to learn about Singing Bowl Therapy in detail:

5 Benefits Of Singing Bowl Therapy

Deep relaxation /Stress relief: The first benefit that you’ll avail from this therapy is a deep relaxation in the body. The sound waves work their way inside the body and removes stress from the stiff muscles and fatigue mind, leaving you lighter and more energetic.

Release of energetic and emotional blockages: A lot of people don’t know this but one can suffer from emotional blockages too. They are barriers that restrict us from letting our creativity flow. In other words, emotional blockage traps our energy and creativity to do things.

Singing bowl therapy will work effectively here as well. The sound waves triggers the trapped energy in our body and let the creativity flow into our mind. It will expand your horizons and open the creative doors to your mind.

Alleviates various body aches and pains: It’s obvious, when your body and mind are stressed, pain will follow. This happens because stress makes your muscles less active and stop them from relaxing. Hence the pain. Again, Singing bowl therapy works like a charm here. It gently facilitates energy flow, which enhances the flow of blood and oxygenates both your mind and body to alleviate body pain.

Grounding: The highlight of this therapy is that it forms a physical connection between the human body with nature's sounds. Grounding meditations aids you in concentrating and relaxing.

Clarity: Mental stress can affect our thoughts and thinking capacity. Have you felt mentally stuck in the middle of the work day? Or caught yourself wondering what to do on tomorrow’s tasklist? Singing bowls therapy will boost your mental capabilities and clarity.

How Does Singing Bowl Therapy Helps You Physically?

The heart rate, breath and the functioning of the brain are synced. In other words, they serve as the major pulses/rhythms in the body. It can also be stated that these three are correlated. For instance, if we were to hold our breath, naturally this affects our heart rate and proper brain functions. Overtime, this stress on mind and body will weaken our central nervous system.

Calms The Nervous System:
You can take proactive steps in calming your nervous system and bring your body to peace. Some sounds can grate on your nerves and drive you to distraction. And some other sounds are more pleasant and can affect your concentration and allow relaxation. The difference is in the frequency, quality, and vibration of the sounds and how they interact with you and your body. In expert hands, you will feel soothed and light as a feather.

Is an age old practice:
You’ll be surprised that sound therapy or healing with sound frequencies is not a recent trend. According to a paper published in the Institute of Noetic Science website:

“Since its development as a therapy in Australia over 40,000 years ago, sound healing has been used to aid in the treatment of mental and physical illnesses and injuries, as well as to assist in the dying process. Though originally performed using only the yidaki, or didgeridoo, sound healing now involves a wide array of instruments (tuning forks, crystal bowls, drums, ultrasonic devices) as well as human and animal vocalizations.”

Reduced Blood Pressure And Heart Rate:
Research from the Journal of Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine, says that consistent singing therapy can keep the blood pressure stabilized and reduce the risk of getting heart diseases.

Increased Immune Response:
Harmonical waves of Singing Bowl Therapy can reduce stress and stimulate the immune system. Any person who gets this therapy at least once a week will get less sick because of a strong immune system.

Drop In Stress Hormones During Medical Testing:
Singing bowl therapy is linked with eliminating stress hormones in the body and keeping you active.

How Does Singing Bowl Therapy Help You Emotionally?

A well-known neuro musicologist tested an array of music on patients to note its outcome on a person’s brain. The experiment concluded that music helped the patients to think in a well balanced way. Moreover, it also helped in resolving emotions that were associated with current or past trauma.

Mental Entrainment:
Built up stress not only hurts us physically but mentally as well. In this situation, singing bowl therapy works like a charm. The bowl’s tone helps you relax as you listen to it closely. It has a way of tuning with the brain waves and bringing a sense of calm in the brain. As a result of which, you begin to experience pleasant and positive emotions.

Mozart Effect:
Some musical components in Mozart’s music are linked with activating the brain. Moreover, it also helps in enhancing our learning capabilities.

What To Expect On Session Day?

On the session day, you’ll meet your therapist. She will walk you through everything regarding your session and explain how to get the best out of your session.

Tibetan singing bowls will be placed either on your body or somewhere around your body. It will then be played gently and its rich and harmonic tones of the ancient singing bowls interwoven with silence and pauses will will help you relax and heal. In other words, this experience will open your mind and your heart. Here are some personal experiences from our practise sessions:

Clark: “I really enjoyed the session. Felt relaxed; slept very well the following day.
Amanda explained the process and theory behind the bowls prior to the session; during the session, I was more focused by the feeling of the bowls than the presence of the facilitator; very good”

Seth: “I approached the singing bowl therapy session with an open mind, and was immediately feeling calm and relaxed with the melodious tones enveloping me. The vibrations from the singing bowl could be distinctively felt, and that resonated with the body in serene, massaging waves. I was pleasantly surprised at how the carefully chosen tones in each bowl integrated with my senses. It was soothing.”

Yen: "Amanda is a beautiful person who inspires confidence. She radiates positive energy and is packed with loads of knowledge on singing bowl therapy works. She has helped me stay calm and aided me in finding my true inner-self."

Debbie: "I was deeply relaxed by the aural tones. There was immediate pain reduction in hip, hamstring seemed to have lengthened from its shortened state.”

What To Expect After A Series of Singing Bowl Therapy Sessions?

1. Transformational Shifts: It is not surprising to hear that when people go through sound healing sessions multiple times, their lives begin to transform and fill them with positivity, both mentally and physically. It boosts confidence and aids in taking decisions. All of this happens because people overcome negativity that was eating them up from the inside. Apart from that, as we know that stress plays a major part in shattering someone’s confidence due to mood swings, this therapy eliminates it as well, leaving the person with positive vibes and energized.

2. Eliminates Negative Thoughts: One major reason to take on singing bowl therapy is to eliminate negative thoughts. It’s true that once you are in therapy, you might undergo some brutally negative thoughts that might make you feel weak and angry, however, this is the time when you will need to be brave and pull yourself together.

3. Enhances Clarity: Sound therapy is said to enhance clarity in our thoughts, strengthen our emotions and help us make decisions. Taking this therapy will help you see a clearer picture and aid you in crafting your own path towards success and happiness.

Final Words
If you are stressed, depressed or fighting a trauma that doesn’t shake off no matter what you do, then try Singing Bowl therapy at least once. It’s an ancient technique that will open your senses and help you feel lighter.

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