Hotel Fort Canning

Whisk yourself into a different world with tasteful elements of Singapore’s colonial past woven across luxurious modern facilities. Let the lush greenery and rich heritage of this iconic hotel inspire you for this new chapter of your wellness story.


An encouraging, enriching space to replenish your body and mind. With movement classes, talks, cooking lessons and a host of other wellness activities, you’ll walk away with a refreshed perspective and valuable tools to improve your health and wellness.

  • Nourish the body

    Eating healthy isn’t just about reaching your ideal weight, it also reduces risk of chronic illnesses, boosts your mood and improves overall health and mental wellbeing. Nourish your physical body with wholesome, well-balanced meals curated by trained nutritionists and prepared by hotel chefs.

  • Move with freedom

    Movement is key to wellness. Each of our retreats offer different movement classes, giving you a safe space to explore practices like, dance, or qigong, just to name a few , under the guidance of trained professionals. So come ready to learn, to unlock tension, and to discover the benefits of movement.

  • Invigorate the mind

    Talks and workshops on topics ranging from ancient wisdom to modern science will satisfy your curiosity, educate, inspire and feed your mind. All talks and workshops are conducted by experts in their respective fields and topics will vary across retreats, so look out for those that interest you.

  • Learn to cook

    Who says healthy, plant-based food is bland and boring? At our cooking lessons, we’ll walk you through some delicious plant-based recipes helpful and preparation tips. You’ll be encouraged to do more home cooking, and be empowered to take ownership of what you put into your body.

  • Mindful meals

    In our busy lives, mealtimes are often rushed affairs and we forget how food goes beyond satiating hunger to commemorate occasions, celebrate and build community. Our dining experiences are all unique, aimed at stimulating different senses and cultivating a sense of mindfulness. They are an invitation to slow down, enjoy and really chew on it.

  • Tune in

    Reverse the tightness, tension and tiredness built up in your muscles with a private bodywork session. Therapeutically realigning your body structure is crucial to helping improve both your functioning and your mood. Each bodywork session lasts 45 minutes and the method varies with each retreat.

Dive into goodness

If you are a Full Day Retreat participant, you’ll receive a goodie bag, generously filled with gifts to empower your wellness journey. This includes:

  • A 5-day HASIKO flow programme

  • Healing Music from DJ Doopz

  • A Subscription to meditation app, MindFi

  • A Min Veg box from Mahota Commune

and much more!

Drop-In Sessions

Interested in only a couple of closed to public sessions?

We do have single session tickets for those who have limited time on retreat day.

Get into the groove of with Hasiko + Silent Disco + Amanda Ling or treat your mind and body to Yin Yoga + Singing Bowl.

Try something different and new one day!

RWR Wellness Lounge

All are welcome to this curated space, be it families, friends, or yet to be friends.

Free admission for all, come sit for talks or mingle around the pop-up counters.

View the program here.

Though this space is open to all, kindly RSVP so that we can expect you.

On-site ad-hoc activities

Fort Canning Park,
Chinois Spa and RWR lounge

Full Day Retreat & Drop-In participants will receive preferred rates at the luxurious Chinois Spa at Hotel Fort Canning.


It is time we regain ownership of our own health and well-being. Come by for a class, workshop or take a Day Pass. Spend the weekend on your self-care to emerge a better version of you while connecting with like-minded people.