Recharge your mind, body & soul

Full Day Retreat + RWR Wellness Lounge

Retreat to relax and refresh

  • Food & Nutrition

  • Movement

  • Mind

  • Bodywork

  • Talks/workshops

FREE admission

Rest and relax at the RWR Wellness Lounge@Living Room, a space equipped with tools designed to help you rejuvenate. Feed your mind with mini talks and a myriad of health books, or soothe it with meditation. An aromatherapy bar, a kombucha bar, yoga mats and curated playlists are also available to help you unwind – we invite you to come and explore, leaving refreshed and with a sense of peace.


Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore

Take a Full Day Pass or Drop-in for a single session. Our RWR Wellness Lounge activities that's free for all.

An Experience Like No Other

  • Accessible

    for all city

  • Flexible

    Full Day or
    Drop-in Sessions

  • Luxurious

    premium hotel

  • Holistic

    Curated experiences and learning

  • Ecosystem

    of Local Wellness practitioners

A quick boost

Half-Day Wellness

Immerse in our retreat in the cities you live in.

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